Hello! Here I am again after a brief absence. I’m so glad to be sharing my thoughts and muses again. We have been sampling the snow adventures to be had within a moderate driving distance from our base near Mirepoix. There have been several other adventures which can be read by clicking on the following links:

A View from the slopes of  Monts D’Olmes

A first Nordic Ski at Plateau de Baille

Adventure One: Tuesday – Ax Les Thermes.

Fresh and confident about my skiing abilities, off we went to spend the day on Mont D’Olmes only to discover that it was so snowy that our little hire car and my nerves could not cope with impassable roads. Plans were adjusted and we slid and trundled over to Ax for what remained of the days skiing. A cable car from Ax Les Thermes took us up to Bonascre, the gateway to a series of very beautiful runs for all abilities. I was happy to cruise the blues and a few reds, but it was too hot! The snow was icy and slushy and after two confidence challenging falls and drink in the nearest bar seemed appropriate. By a delightful coincidence, we bumped (not literally) into some acquaintances from North Yorkshire – oh happy day!

Adventure Two: Monts D’Olmes

Mont D’Olmes was to be conquered. Thursday. Road clear. On the slopes by 10 am, alone with my ski map and not too many children. The sun was bright. I was anxious not to repeat Tuesday’s comedy tumbles. At lunchtime, I had again skied several red runs and blue on weary legs had had a very public fall. An unexpectedly powerful button lift yanked me out of my right ski – oh how ‘tout le monde’ laughed. I should have called it a day when ‘expert skier G’ and I met for lunch. I should have collected my book from the car and sat in the sunshine drinking spritzers. I skied again, tired and aching. The snow was too thin, the slopes too icy. Down I went! Bang!

Now why didnt I consider this form of transport at lunchtime?

Adventure Three: Plateau de Baille

Sunday. My ribs still hurt when I laugh or cough. My skis are packed away for a few weeks. The sun is still shining. The great outdoors beckons and I need activity. We drive to the Plateau de Baille – our intention; to snowshoe through the snowy woods. Now the appliances that I strap to my feet are broad and clunky. I hold poles very similar to those that I clung to on previous snow adventures this week. I quickly realise that I cannot glide and slide. I am in the most beautiful environment. No-one will bash into me, the probability of me falling (which is directly proportional to my anxiety), is dramatically reduced. This Snow Adventure is just right!

Like a Nordic Goldilocks, my week was a bit of a trial but ended in true fairytale fashion – with a very happy ending!

And what next?

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