Five weeks in France has flown by and how quickly we adapt to this extraordinary life. It is so much more simple than the one lived in North Yorkshire, yet we quickly take in the extraordinary to be the norm. It is only as we prepare to return to the UK that we realise what we have here.

What is extraordinary about our French life?

Fresh fruit from our own trees – cherries, apricots, peaches, walnuts. Figs, plums and apples will follow soon.

An enormous landscape which over the weeks has transformed from wave after wave of golden wheat to fields of tall, proud sunflowers.

Sunshine and warmth. Few clothes, no make-up, bare feet.
Human silence. Nature has it’s voice – birdsong, crickets – but there are so few cars and little noise from people beyond our walls.
Lizards and humming moths, honeybees making the lavender buzz and shift with life.

Amazing bike rides on open roads with few potholes and views from the hills that take any remaining breath away!

A daily swim in our own pool!

Fresh, fresh produce – simple meals that taste perfect without any fuss or cooking.

It seems so acceptable to drink wine from lunchtime onwards – which has lead to long, shady afternoon snoozes more than once!

As we pack up and clean the house I know that I will leave feeling heavy-hearted, but I know too that once back in England I will be delighted to live my ‘Extraordinary, Ordinary’ North Yorkshire life too! I am living my dream wherever!

Before I go … I must report a couple of really extraordinary happenings during this ‘vacance en France’ …

Bastille Day fireworks in Carcassonne!

and catching up with some heroes on the Tour de France

Oh … and trying (and ADORING) my first taste of Lavender ice cream!

Lavender Ice cream – delicious!
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