Well hello! It has been a couple of weeks since my last blog and the reason for that is that I have not been sure how to define this strange period in my life since my recent total hip replacement.

Some wonderful things have been happening in my life – school reunions, birthday treats and delicious dining. I celebrate one year as a ‘blogger’ and I have to say – I love blogging! Thank you to those who have subscribed to my blog. I am delighted that people (beyond my family who probably feel obliged to follow my middle-aged goings on) are engaged and interested enough to subscribe. It makes it feel even more worthwhile – thank you.

This is my own new love!

My new ceramic hip and I have been introduced, engaged and married now for 6 weeks and so far it is a pretty harmonious union. We have each had to adapt quickly to many demands made by the other. I have been eager to step out and step up, expecting my hip to deliver on all its promises without much time to settle in and adapt to a long relationship with me. On the other hand, it has been necessary for me to stick to numerous vows, made to the surgeon six weeks ago. I promised not to bend more than 90 degrees, not to cross my leg over my midline and certainly not to twist my hip so as to cause it any reason to dislocate from our present arrangement. I vowed to listen to my body and not overdo things.

My hip and I have already required counselling to keep us ‘in step’ with each other. Coming into this relationship from a highly active lifestyle, I have struggled with the small, slow, dependent world in which I found myself. However, good sense and wise words have prevailed. The latest thought-provoking words were, ‘Why don’t you just sit back and enjoy this time? It’s unlikely to happen again!’ This is wise indeed, especially as the sun shines, the temperatures sore and I feel like painting and reading again. This advice has been taken on board, my hip and I both appreciate and have responded with pleasure – apart from the early morning walks (recently without crutches) that have been joyous and have given me the freedom to take photos that I love and just to be independent. For me, independence and exercise go hand in hand. For me, creativity and exercise go hand in hand. Old habits are hard to break!

Today I drove my car … so exciting (one 6 week restriction lifted) … I felt like Thelma and Louise rolled into one … only I was on my way to see the physiotherapist, rather than an incident ridden rampage on four wheels!

The physio, while pleased with my progress, has expressed the need for caution and a minor slow down in my post op hip relationship. I have probably overdone the independent walking which has resulted in the tissue and veins around my hip stressed and tender. Nothing that some respectful rest and slowing down won’t remedy. We discussed the slow reintroduction of my pre-hip op expectations and I was reminded that in a few more weeks time if I build a steady, strong relationship with my new life partner it will repay me many times over.

Vows renewed, I sit in a shady patch of Recovery Corner, ready and willing to make this relationship work.  I will be patient, kind and tolerant. I will listen and respect. Now, where have I heard that before?



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