Spring is in the air and in my step! If anyone reading this blog is struggling with the decision about whether or not to go ahead with a Total Hip Replacement, then please read on.
I believe that I was relatively young (at 50) to undergo a THR, but I wish I had been younger! In my mid-40s I realised that something was not as it should be. I was running but the aches in my hips/ lower back became more obvious and debilitating. Hundreds of pounds were spent at the osteopath and the relief did not come. At the time I was teaching Pilates and consider myself to be very in tune with my body and range of movements. They were diminishing; being replaced by a near constant nagging pain and ever apparent limp! What was going on?
Cycling was my saviour as running staggered to a halt. Thank goodness I could still get my fresh air and endorphin kick! Painkillers became essential before considering sitting in a car – I even wondered if I should give up my job as the pain of travelling from school to school was agony. Sleep was more and more aloof for both my husband and myself, as I failed to find a comfortable sleeping position. Without sleep, everything seems even worse doesn’t it? I was becoming a wreck.
First diagnosed with back trouble, I was referred to hospital for some physiotherapy. It was my ‘no-nonsense’ physio who further referred me for an x-ray which identified the osteoarthritis in both hips. I was both horrified and relieved. I knew what was causing the growing agony.

Step 1:

A steroid injection which did provide relief for several months. On seeing the specialist (who I consider a true hero) as my pain management was failing, I burst into tears while trying to explain the disruption to the flow of life and sleep that I was suffering again. Mr Conroy was patient and honest with me.

Step 2:

THR in Leeds Nuffield Hospital. I have written blogs about my first few weeks and you can read them by clicking on the following titles.

Total Hip Replacement – Episode 4 – Developing a RelationsHIP

Total Hip Replacement – Episode 3 – Up and Downs

Total Hip Replacement – Episode 2 – Crutches and Emotional Crutches

Total Hip Replacement – Episode 1 – The Hippest Mum in Town!

Total Hip Replacement – Hip Tips

These blogs relate to my latter recovery and rediscovery of fitness.

Serenity in 2019

Back in the Saddle

Step 3:

Get on with this wonderful life! Keep fit and strong. Don’t surrender to any exercise that you love – you can adapt and still enjoy!

Step 4:

As soon as my left hip becomes a constant grumble I will be tapping on Mr Conroy’s door again. I have no desire to be a hero and hang on hoping that the hip pain will reduce and go away. It won’t. Life is too precious to avoid confronting the big decisions involving its quality.

Having a THR has given me a pain-free, full life! Now in my 50s, I feel better than I did a decade ago. I appreciate that not every story has a happy ending, but my experience says “Do it or you will never know”.

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  1. Wow!
    What a fantastic read! I feel meant for me to find today ( severe case of cabin fever and in general a bit blue?!)
    Im 4wks post op today and have been getting on very well, im so so grateful and relieved to have had a successful TRHR….feeling guilty for feeling down, longing to drive and for things to go back to normal. I shall try (harder ?) to practise mindfullness & enjoy this recovery time.
    Your writing today has cheered me up.
    Thank you❤?

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