I am presently convalescing from a steroid injection given in my arthritic young hip yesterday. Housebound, I have the opportunity not only to write this blog, but to reflect a little and to have a clean out. Nothing overtaxing you understand, like opening my wardrobe doors and battling the cascade of fabrics and heels that will spew out burying me up to my poor hips.

No, I have decided to clean out my bathroom drawers.

The oldest relic in there, and it is one have have kept hidden right at the back of my drawer, is the lipstick I wore when I married on May 1st 1993! It’s a pretty colour and at the time I had spent a fortune to buy it. It has laid dormant for decades but has always had a reprieve from culling on the grounds of nostalgia – until today!

Today I am revitalised, I hope! I don’t need such reminders, particularly as I am now married to my second husband, who never had the opportunity to kiss those ‘nude pink blush’ lips. If I offered to apply it and kiss now I wonder if we would contract a hideous infection! The lipstick and so many half finished bottles and creams have been cast away – these were bought when I was more fickle and expected the blurb and the advertising to enhance, restore, reduce, plump and make me glow within seconds of application, just as suggested.

Now I make many of my own creams, bath oils, face packs and scrubs. They are all natural and have a short lifespan after manufacture in my kitchen. They are cheap, there is no unnecessary packaging, all pots and bottles are reusable and I trust my own judgement and experience as to what works for me.

So many of my routines are now so simple – I drink lots of water, exercise to some extent everyday and eat whole food where possible (though everyone is allowed a binge from time to time and a glass of wine is rarely far from my thoughts). I keep in touch with my family and friends which cheers and restores me. Sewing, reading and singing in the most amazing choir, travelling and just doodling are all my weapons of choice for dealing with this frantic world in which I find myself.

I do not need to trap myself behind mountains of paraphernalia – I have an iPad with a brilliant camera, which can capture moments, outfits and labels from successful makeups, recipes, Pilates moves, invitations to happy events……golly, I am getting carried away, my shelves and cupboards may no longer be necessary! This is a revolution and revelation!

Perhaps reaching 50 and the peace I am enjoying is finally allowing me to let go of what it not really important…… how lovely! Goodbye lipstick…..

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