At the beginning of last year, I wrote a blog about resolving to stay the same. Well, I start this year feeling even fitter, emotionally and physically stronger, and confident that I will be my best self throughout this year. How did this happen? Read on…

Two Funerals

I attended two funerals last year. At the first, I finally accepted that blood is not thicker than water. What a relief it is to eventually work that one out and move on! The second funeral, that of a school friend often mentioned in earlier blogs, reminded me how precious every moment is and how strong the bonds of friendship are, even when stretched over miles and years. Aunty Sue and Woody, I love you and miss you.

A Book

If you have read my blogs you’ll know the book saga. The adventure of bringing ‘The Last Christmas Tree’ to print and the pleasure of holding my book in my hands have spurred me on to thoughts of further stories this year.  (I was also inspired by Woody to write a series of companion books for ‘The Last Christmas Tree’ – the first one is written, my friend.) It will happen and I can’t wait to share my stories.

A Hip

Followers of my blog will also know that I had my hip replaced in May last year, and if they read on they will know that it was a challenge to recover and that for a while, I doubted my judgement in surrendering to the knife at the age of 50. Well, how impatient was I? I am now leaping about, stretching and dancing like no one is watching! And even better than all of that – I have NO pain!

Serenity in 2019?

So you see, I start this year intending to enjoy opportunities with a good pinch of self-belief because last year I learned to accept certain situations and not to accept others … rather like the Serenity Prayer.

I wish you a healthy, positive, serene 2019.


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