In March when I signed up to exhibit at the Harrogate Open Art Exhibition, I thought that it would inspire me to get on and create my art and, more importantly, I would find out if my work is good enough to create interest and sell.

The exhibition is now just a month away, and I have to say, I’m getting excited!

British Art Exhibitions has selected the Wesleyan Chapel in Harrogate to be the venue and it looks beautiful, with a vaulted ceiling and light space.

Since deciding to exhibit in Harrogate, I have had some other proud successes. Some of my art is displayed in the David Harrison Gallery in Ripon. I had the pleasure of taking one of my big, colourful pieces to the purchaser’s house and sitting with her, a cup of coffee and hobnob in hand while watching her admire it on the wall her home. A priceless feeling for me!

A friend, seeing the amount of my art crammed around my house, suggested that she hold ‘an opportunity to buy original art’ at her home in May. That was my first baring of my creative soul (do I sound dramatic?) which was both terrifying and exhilarating. I gained so much confidence from that occasion and felt proud. 

Now, what to exhibit on my two panels at this popular collaborative show …

Here are some of the options … florals

Skiers …
Seas …

So much to choose from! Who would have thought that I could be having so many new challenges and excitements at 52? I am living the dream! If you are nearby, please do come and see the many artists that are exhibiting and do say hello. I will be smiling and enjoying every moment!

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