Inspiration is all around, whether it’s a brilliant, blatant sunset or an overheard phrase from someone else’s conversation. I carry a notebook around with me that anyone else would consider being a collection of disconnected ramblings. To me, however, my notebooks hold the seeds of journeys to far away, undiscovered places. Likewise, my phone is cluttered with photographs of scenes, colours (I have a blue album on there, for example) and quirky images that I think I could one day use in my art. When I have a few minutes and flick through my collections and sometimes a thought chimes, an idea grows … and off I go! I love that feeling!

My painting above is 100 x 80 cm and was inspired by the wallpaper in a quirky hotel in Montmartre. The Parisian Spring was both outside and within the walls of this fabulous place. Eponymously named Particulier is my current favourite picture. It was such a pleasure to create.

A poster bought in Morzine inspired this fabric art picture because of its appealing colours and sharp lines. Now ‘Expert skier’ G is immortalized by thread and needle!

From a rediscovered photograph taken years ago, the inspiration for these three fabric ‘Shoreline’ artworks was born.

So you see, even a piece of wood can become a part of the family … where will inspiration strike next? You can see more of my artwork on my Facebook page, CJA Artastic and by following my Instagram page, TheViewFromHereinPictures.

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Welcome to the home of my thoughts, hopes and inspirations. Please feel free to browse and comment. All of my posts are honest and heartfelt. I hope you feel at home here!

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