The View From the Gallery

Well hello from the Harrogate Open Gallery Exhibition 2019. It is the final day and all this sitting around is exhausting!

Being part of an exhibition is a dream come true! Although the footfall hasn’t been as regular as I had imagined it may be, I feel very much that I am with my tribe. I have spent hours with likeminded people!  The opportunity to chat and share thoughts, histories and top tips for future events with other ‘artists’ has been thrilling. It has also enhanced my Instagram, both with followers and followees … and what I don’t know about the pros and cons of using ‘Titanium White’ isn’t worth knowing!

My recently created business cards have been given to the interested and I silently cross my fingers – please look at my website and buy something.

Friends dropping in have enhanced a special weekend.

Selling my art after hearing appreciative noises from passers-by is so exciting! I mean SO EXCITING! I am content.

Now here is a tip from a very nice chap selling small oil sketches … sell your art on I’m going to and I will keep you posted.

In the meantime, new work is available in David Harrison’s Gallery in Ripon and my website, is up and running too! 

It’s nearly time to pack away and make a dash through the rain. I’m looking forward to home and a roast dinner, but also as the weeks pass, to find what impact this exhibition has had on my art career. I’ll keep you posted. 


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