Happy First Day of Winter

Hello! Hello!

Today is the first day of winter and here in glorious North Yorkshire we have had fresh, blue skies and crisp, stunning views. This was certainly the case from the bracing, slippery, beautiful Brimham Rocks this morning. Inspired by the light and freshness G and I headed up there before the sun melted too much of the frost away.

How the months have flown by since I last wrote for this blog. I have been engrossed in my art …. learning, practising, developing, practising, growing in confidence and now practice a more intuitive art. I express as much about how I feel as I do about what I see. I am more intuitive and trusting of my abilities and I paint for me first and foremost. That doesn’t mean that I don’t hope you like my work and that you would recommend it to others.

My Instagram account is growing steadily and it is there where I have connected with so many glorious artists who inspire and encourage me daily. Should you be on Instagram and want to see more regular art updates you can follow me on carolashworthart. Many posts can also be seen on Facebook if you follow Carol Ashworth Art.

So, what have I been up to?

I have been on several courses and I will blog about each one over coming weeks. The talent and inspiration that I have shared my hours and days with is unbelievable. The fellow travellers along this art journey have been generous, interesting and I feel that I have made true friends.

Highlights of the Highlights

Finding my joy on Louise Fletcher’s ‘Find Your Joy 2019’ Course. a ten-week on-line course with a community of worldwide ‘similars’ lead by a talented and wholly authentic, empathetic Yorkshirewoman.

Landscape Painting with Lewis Noble at the Lund Studio. This course has reinforced my growing belief in my intuition and painting how I feel about the environment/ view that I am sharing at a moment in time.

Lesley Birch‘s 30 Paintings in One Day. Wow! This fast-paced course gave no room for pondering about if anything is wrong or right. If I express myself freely and honestly the visual results may be shockers (and often are) but then appear some stunning, bold marks and colours that truly came from an open mind and an open heart.

To browse a whole body of evolving, available work you can visit my website, www.carolashworthart.com

Now, my iphone filled to capacity with photos, my sketchbook visited several times in situ and my mind filled with feeling … I shall create! I’ll let you know how I get on and invite your feedback too!

Thank you for still following and don’t forget to join my mailing list so you never miss out on the adventure that is being a middle aged woman with a new hip and a heart full of positive thoughts for the best life possible!

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