Life and Art through my eyes … for yours

Happy 2020.

I wonder if you are keeping the resolutions that you have made? This time of year is so important to me, as I think I have already mentioned in previous blogs at this time of year. It’s an opportunity to re-energise and re-align thoughts and intentions. And … so far so good!

G and I are dieting, I’ve adopted a ‘Dry January’ approach to the month and I am walking everywhere locally to save the North Yorkshire environment. It feels great – but ask me again in a couple of weeks.

Art and travel will be the themes of this year, even more so than previously and I’m sure that blogs will flow from our adventures. More on all of this in future notes. As you may notice, my site strapline has changed to reflect this … ‘Life and Art through my eyes … for yours.’

My blog theme is in transition – I hope you like it. It will be finished as soon as I have read all the prompts on Google and watched the Youtube help videos on how to support my creative desires with my technical needs!

In the meantime, do bear with me if something isn’t working or something is askew when you visit my blog. I shall blog again as soon as I’m confidently up and running.

In the meantime, have a wonderful New Year and I wish you health and happiness.

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