I’ve done it! I have updated my Linked In profile (with help – but more about that soon). This may seem like quite a ‘so what’ situation to many people, but it is a big step along the way for me. I have declared my passion for creative writing, blogging and art. By completing the profession profile (I tentatively selected ‘Creative Writer and Artist’ from the drop-down menu) I have expressed my intention to succeed in that field. I am living the dream!

I am declaring that I have almost found my ‘Serenity Sweet Spot’ – I am doing what I love, I’m daring to think that I’m quite good at it and now I just need to create opportunities to create some income from my endeavours. What has been a longheld dream is soon to become a reality – my first children’s storybook is so nearly about to be born!

Accordingly, those members of my family that operate successfully within the varying modes of social media, suggest that an up to date Linked-In profile is strategically important – especially as my stories are stacking up and I need advice on what to do with them. Maybe someone will read my profile, contact me and ‘Link’ me to a potential agent! Maybe someone will want to see my art that is also stacking up, and want to see more! Dreams do come true!

I realise that dreams don’t come true by creating your best work, sharing it with enthusiastic loved ones and hoarding it. I do write. I do paint. I do fabric art for that matter and photography. I do want my work to be a measure of existence and a means of earning an income. Blowing my own trumpet is very difficult. My childhood insecurities about never being good enough still haunt me, but it’s time to turn my back on such ghosts and to practise what I preach! Best foot forward!

Perhaps the next addition to my ‘Linked In’ biography may be ‘storyteller’, as my autumn ambition is to visit schools and share The Last Christmas Tree with young audiences.







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