Embleton beach on New Year’s Day – a joyful start to the year

My first blog of the year has taken some time because I have been reflecting….

I realise that the start of this new chapter is not about change or transformation; it’s about trying to stay the same. New Year’s Resolutions this year has not been about writing down a list of idle nods towards personal improvement – it has been the drawing up of a battle plan!

I am sweating in the gym just to stand still. I am eating carefully not to lose weight, but to maintain it. The consequence of failure will be to buy a whole new wardrobe. I want to stay the same!

You could then say that my New Year’s Resolution is to maintain the status quo, and not change.

    However, in order to remain the same, ironically, I need to take action and this has taken the form of several new activities. This, in turn, has brought the unexpected benefit of renewing old acquaintances and meeting interesting new people.

My Leisure Centre membership affords me the opportunity to join new classes. I am developing a passion for T’ai Chi. Beyond the calm and focus that it brings, I share the experience with fascinating people, like Paddy the part-time Viking who likes to make his own brandy butter. Where else might I have met such a kind, splendid fellow?

It is my intention to master the ’24 basic forms’ this year – a resolution perhaps?

Nordic walking is another activity that should enhance my year, not only by maintaining my weight but also providing training for our return to Nordic Skiing on the plateaux of France. ‘Expectant’ G and I finally received our poles on Monday – what unexpected joy and hilarity we have opened up! On our first outing (just minutes after unwrapping and calibrating them) we set off, head torches fixed over our snugly fitting hats.  ‘Investigative’ G had watched several YouTube clips on the subject and lead the way through the darkened streets, (we chose the less well-lit roads to reduce the chance of being recognised.) I was unable to control my hysteria as I followed ‘striding’ G up the road, his head torch bobbing skyward. During this enlightening journey I laughed so much that I certainly tested my bladder control and my pelvic floor to their limits and stretched my sides more than any exercise in my gym programme. I think more practical application is required –  and I can’t wait! (Sorry to my children, who over the years have tolerated our countless public appearances clad in fluorescent running and cycling lycra but just cannot accept this exaggerated form of walking around their home town – yet!)

A new year, a new past-time!

So, 2018 is a year of trying to stay the same, but by different means. This will still demand the determination and commitment of years gone by, and I may slip a little or be put off, but as one of my new pals at the gym said just today, “if you have a glitch,  just fluff up your tutu and keep on dancing!”

Happy New Year.

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