A few months ago, in my role as a medical teacher, I was introduced to the art of Janet Bolton. In the school I was visiting, the children were creating a display of kites, inspired by this exceptionally talented lady. They sewed and chatted, they chose from an array of fabrics, colours and  stitches to create a unique, stunning display with so much life and love in it.

I was so impressed that I bought and poured over her book, ‘Fabric Pictures – Creating a Textile Story’. The simplicity of her work paired with the impact of her art encouraged me to have a go myself. Holding the thoughts that no personal effort from the heart, can be dismissed as rubbish and that it is my journey and voice I was representing, I began with an ivory button .This button, approximately 5cm in diameter was in a tin of random knick knacks left to me by my great aunt Ma.

The button became a moon and a picture developed in my mind of a owl sitting on a branch. Fabrics were filtered through, a scarf and a necklace sacrificed, and ‘Button Moon’ was created. I loved every stitch and amazed myself by creating something that has given me far more pleasure than I could have possibly imagined.

Button Moon


There has rarely been a time since this owl arrived, when I haven’t been thinking, sketching out a new idea, or sewing.  I have received huge pleasure from a button, which would have remained in a tin or been thrown away, is now centre stage, and when I look at ‘Button Moon’ or someone comments on it, my lovely old aunt is back in my thoughts and ever present in my home.

My sewing ‘voice’ has changed over the months and I enjoy each journey, using fabrics from my children’s old clothes, vintage off cuts and colourful buttons and fabrics, which I spot along the way. Most of my ‘pictures’ carry a significant item – what a lovely way to recall a happy place or day.

A Picnic in the WoodsFile 07-07-2017, 15 19 19

Honesty I – VFile 07-07-2017, 15 24 01

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