My View from Here…..

Having just turned 50 and still feeling that I have so much still to explore and much experience to share, this seemed like a perfect way ( and discipline) to add my ‘views from here’.

My ‘here’ may be a view from home in North Yorkshire or in southern France, it may be my view as a teacher of children with emotional, social, behavioural and medical needs, my view as a mother of children leaving the nest and spreading there own wings or the view from a woman who is inspired by kindness, friendship, who loves exercise, the outdoors, fashion and beauty, diet, singing, fabric art and music. I am always keen to learn more and am often asked to share thoughts, ideas – here is my platform!

I would embrace any ideas shared with me within this blog, particularly about Pilates, yoga, clean eating, fabric art – Janet Bolton is inspirational – sensible, natural beauty tips – I make homemade body washes and treatments, oils for body and soul and bewilder my family by turning store cupboard ingredients into successful, cheap, natural face packs and tonics!




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